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  Slender 0.9.6 Beta
Live a terrifying experience.

You are in the woods, it's dark and your flashlight is fading. You think you're alone, but not: a faceless creature lurking in the darkness. Is Slender Man, run for your life!

Slender is a small paranormal horror game in which you, an anonymous student, you must find eight manuscripts that speak of Slender Man

The Slender Man is a mysterious creature. He says he has no face and you can teleport at will, but only when no one is watching. If you behind your back, date lost.

Slender is the closest thing to revive The Blair Witch firsthand. The monster, much like the Enderman of Minecraft, makes the games are so terrifying as Amnesia, a game of much higher quality and depth.

If you happen scared to death-or let them go to friends-, Slender well worth a download. Just do not put it on someone who has a heart.

Downloads : 626
Publisher :
Date added : 23.08.2012
File size : 58,0 MB
OS Support : Windows XP/Vista/7/8
License : Free
Screenshots : Slender - Screenshots

Slender 0.9.6 Beta Free Download

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