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  Hotspot Shield 2.25
open restricted pages in your country in safety.

A secure tunnel to the best Internet content

Hotspot Shield is a program that makes your connection more secure and allows open pages
restricted site in your country.

Hotspot Shield creates a secure link (VPN) between your computer and the servers of Hotspot Shield, which are in the U.S.. So, your connection will be for all purposes American, and you can access sites like Pandora and Hulu.

Easy to use, although publicity ...

Hotspot Shield is easy to use, the icon turns green when the secure connection is on and red when disabled. From the same icon you can change the language to Spanish Hotspot Shield.

[The notification icon Hotspot Shield]

What one can criticize Hotspot Shield, plus the amount of advertising it carries, are the problems inherent speed VPN connection, but these are resolved with the Elite version, which removes most restrictions Hotspot Shield Free.

Downloads : 300
Publisher :
Date added : 25.02.2012
File size : 266 KB
OS Support : Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8
License : Free
Screenshots : Hotspot Shield - Screenshots

Hotspot Shield 2.25 Free Download

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